Expo-Science Luxembourg 2018

XIX Exporecerca Jove, Barcelona 2018
March 25, 2018
Primtemps des Sciences-Fès, Marruecos 2018
April 15, 2018

photos taken by Edouard Olszewski

OnFriday the 23rd of March 2018 another new adventure began. This time we went to Luxembourg with students from the Cardinal Xavierre School, who represented ICIJA at the “Expo-Science Luxembourg”. This trip was possible thanks to the collaboration between five countries: Luxembourg, Belgium, Morocco, France and Spain, which are part of the MOBISCIENCES 2018 project through the Erasmus+ scholarships. Just after landing in Luxembourg, they took us to the Youth Hostel, our place of residence during these five days. There we met some of the participants who were going to live this experience with us, and after dinner, they took us for a night walk so that we could get to know the area a little.

On Saturday 24th we got up early to set off for the place where the Expo was being held. It was the day for setting up the stands and we had to put everything for the opening to the public. At the same time, we met the other participants, both national and international, who came from Kyrgyzstan, India, Slovakia, Morocco, Belgium, France… We ate at the fair all together and later, the international participants took a guided tour of the city centre. One of the most surprising places were the Casemattes, underground tunnels built by the Spanish for the defence of the city in 1672-73. To not only exchange knowledge, but also cultures, the young scientists held an activity in the Lasertag, while the coordinators of each delegation met for dinner.


photos taken by Edouard Olszewski

The next day, the 25th, the participants were scheduled to do an activity called Make@on, for which they had to form groups and together make a prototype with the materials offered to them and program it. It was really a very interesting activity that helped our participants to work as a team with people from other delegations. Sunday afternoon was the most anticipated since the fair was open to the public and it was time to exhibit the projects. Besides, the brother of the Duke of Luxembourg, together with his wife and children, visited the fair and we had the pleasure of explaining our projects, which was a real luxury since they showed real interest in them. After the opening of the doors to the public, the closing ceremony took place, attended by some authorities from Luxembourg, and later on, diplomas were awarded.

Monday 26thwas the last day on Luxembourg’s soil. We took a walk and discovered the Museum of Modern Art, as well as other wonderful places. Afterwards, we went to have lunch with our friends from the Austrian delegation and we ended the day with some shopping.


On Tuesday 27th we took the plane back to Spain after saying goodbye to all those participants who had taken part in this adventure and whom we hope to see in future fairs. In short, it was a very positive and enriching experience, as it is great to be able to share knowledge and cultures between countries for a week.

photos taken by Edouard Olszewski


By Claudia Marín

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