Science Expo Belgium 2019

Printemps des Sciences-Fès, Morocco 2019
April 30, 2019
XXVIII International Congress of Young Researchers
July 2, 2019

On May 25, the group of students from Mother Maria Rosa Molas School, formed by Pilar Martinez, Irene Del Rio and Maria Asiain, began their journey to present their project, Soluble Plastics, at the Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique, accompanied by Sara Teixido and Maria Jimenez.

This has been another of the trips that, for another year, is being carried out with the collaboration of the associations of five countries participating in the MOBISCIENCES 2019 project through the Erasmus+ grants.

On the first day of the congress, our girls were nervous as it was the first time they had attended this type of event. However, everyone who approached their stand was delighted and surprised by the capacity with which they presented their project. Between the time of the exhibitions, the organization of the congress carried out a set of games and team activities in which all the participants could meet and collaborate together. Moreover, from the facilities where the event took place, it was possible to see the Atomium, one of the most important tourist attractions of Brussels.

In the evening, we had an international dinner, where the participants of the different delegations made a small presentation of their countries, showing their culture and traditions. The Spanish delegation, of course, after presenting our varied culture and delicious gastronomy, delighted the rest of the participants by dancing and singing La Macarena. After the presentations, the dinner consisted of a cultural exchange in which each delegation offered the rest the typical food of their country.

The second day was very intense. The girls were presenting their project to everyone who showed interest, while at the same time they were getting to know the projects of the other participants they had met the day before. Meanwhile, the organization of the Congress had prepared a visit to the “Royal Greenhouses of Laeken” for the supervisors. In the evening, they enjoyed a gala dinner at the Parker Hotel Brussels Airport.

On the 28th, in the morning, they visited the Museum of Natural Sciences, where the girls learnt many interesting facts about prehistory. After the visit, they went to visit the city of Bruges, where they could enjoy its nature, the beauty of its streets and, once again, its waffles.

On the 29th, the trip came to an end and we can say that it fulfilled their expectations. These youth meetings are always a unique adventure that allows you to live very different experiences and meet people from many countries.

By Maria Jimenez

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