What is I.C.I.J.A?


The Youth Aragon Science and Investigation Institute or ICIJA (Instituto de Ciencia e Investigación Juvenil de Aragón) is a non-profit association whose seeks encouraging youth from Aragon their interest in science and investigation using different educational and creative scientific and technical activities.
In order to make this possible, we provide advice on seminars, courses, thematic meetings, conferences, and contests development. ICIJA enhances the relationship between other Spanish and international young students as well trying to form investigation habits and to awaken interest about culture among youth.
I.C.I.J.A. organizes a Youth Researchers International Conference every year where students from different parts of the world make a presentation of their research during a week full of exhibitions, activities, courses, and excursions.
Besides ICIJA organizes an internal contest where the best projects of our members are awarded with exhibiting their research at international fairs and exhibitions in such places as Brussels, Amsterdam, Namur, Bratislava, Moscow, Istanbul or Barcelona.
In brief, ICIJA is an association focused on encouraging young people from Aragon to investigate by promoting both educational and enjoyable activities.


ICIJA has been received recognition and has won these awards on its path:

In 2000:
  • “AMAVET NOVA” Award. Presented by AMAVET- Asociácia pre mládež, vedu a techniku, en Považská Bystrica (Slovakia)

    In 2003:
  • "BOUREGREG" Secondary Prize Diploma, in Salé (Morocco)
  • "EUREKA" Award, in Sofia (Bulgaria)

    In 2005
  • “TRAYECTORIA JOVEN” Award. For the promotion of research work among Aragonese youth. Premios Juventud 2(nd) Edition given by Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud (IAJ)

    In 2008:
  • "OSE LA SCIENCE" Award. Presented by Ose la Science in Namur (Bélgica)

    In 2011:
  • "EUREKA"Award, in Plovdid (Bulgaria)

    In 2014:
  • “MÉRITO INICIATIVA JOVEN” (Youth Iniciative Mention), “El Rabal” District board

  • About us?

    The ICIJA’s Board of Directors is currently formed by six members. Leadership positions are President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Spokespersons. Their duties are distributed according their position and these are given depending on their knowledge about those different areas.


    ICIJA is committed to transparency. Therefore, you can access to our public documents such as Regulations, Account Overviews and Annual Reports in order to guarantee a better transparency management of this non-profit organization.
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